It is said that Leonberg are gentle giants, because in fact, they are the biggest and most beautiful of all the long haired dog breeds that originate from Germany and at the same time, they have a very warm and friendly personality.

They are elegant and majestic, with medium soft, long coating, straight hair in the shades of gold, red, or cream, with a black facial mask and a beautiful bushy tail. Their wonderful character is very distinctive. They are stable, highly trustworthy, gentle, loving, obedient and very patient.


About us
Welcome to Corleone, Leonberg breeder.
We are located in the heart of the Laurentians, north of Montreal at the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort.

Our passion

Our passion for Leonberg began in 1998 on a ski trip to France, in Courchevel where i came face to face for the first time with one of the biggest and most beautiful dogs who looked just like a lion. The kindness in his eyes and his warm caresses just won my heart over !.. and then became Corleone, COEUR DE LION.


Devoted to this breed since 1998, our passion for dogs has existed for more than 25 years working with Nordic dogs among them, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies. from here to the great white north we bring people from all over the world to live this unforgettable experience of dog sledding. www.alaskanhuskytremblant.com


This hard work allowed us to gain experience and gave us the opportunity to study many aspects of the genetics on a general scale, of the different behaviours of dogs, between themselves, within the pack and the relations of dog and man.

Our mission
Our mission is to breed the Leonberg conscientiously, meeting its’ standards and all the qualities that attracted us to this breed. We study the lineage very closely, we do a lot of genealogical research, contact the breeders from Europe and North America; we participate and are active in the Leonberg clubs and share all the information to ensure the development and health of the Leonberg and it's future. We give great attention to our choices for reproduction before determining the future males or females for importation and our future litters. Our trips to Europe, exhibitions and our contacts have been very helpful.

Our kennel

Our dogs live with us in the home and participate in all our activities; they  are  members of the family !

The puppies are born in the house and become part of our daily life from day one. The future parents are all welcome during their growth period to visit, to share and to find out all they can before the adoption of the new member of their family. Interaction between adults and the puppies, different noises, several visits are most important to enable us to offer to our families a puppy  with a stable character, healthy, confident and that he will be calm and good-natured…qualities we look for in the Leonberg. All our dogs are sold with their registration and guarantee on genetic diseases, health and temperament. Each puppy also receives  a temperament, compatibility and personality test done by us and a representative from the Leonberg club. This is very helpful for us to find the right puppy for each family, best suited for their environment.

Since the beginning of our Leonberg breeding, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting new people, making wonderful friends, and our passion keeps on growing. As of to-day, Corleone has become a great big family and we love seeing everyone when we have our get togethers. If you think you would be a good family for one of our puppies do not hesitate to contact us. It is always a pleasure to share our passion with you. Thank’you for visiting our Leonberg breeding.




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