Serenity Sweet Joli


Hungary Pedigree


Sweet Jolie came to us from Serenity kennel, a result of our friendship with Mary and Sherry. Thanks to both of them, this little bundle of joy arrived in our home in 2007.. From the beginning I knew Jolie was to be a very different Leo..

A reddish dark colour and such a beautiful face; it was love for sure.. Jolie is now the biggest girl in our Leonberg breeding at 31 inches and 145 pounds.. she is more of the masculine type, with a very large bone structure; she is quite impressive to meet !

Jolie has an exceptional temperament and everyone who has the opportunity of spending time with her all say what a special girl she is.. Jolie works in therapy with older people and also disabled children. She brings comfort and joy and has touched many with her patience and warm nature.

Jolie was not the show dog we hoped for; actually she prefers to sit in the grandstand and eat hot dogs.. so Jolie is part of my family and will continue to welcome all the visitors who come to our home.

Loverikets Royal Romeo Puspokladanyi-Arany Gitta
6 year old


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