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Russia our new friends from Russia. Great and fun site to visit, with photo contests.

Poland our great friend Christina



Kennel : Bukitbarisan : Our friends Eugène and Rosine Goffa
Kennel : du Plateau Bavarois
Kennel : von Löwenkraft
Kennel : Meus Amicuss
Kennel : Lions débonnaires
Kennel : von Cochlea Linea : House of Yellow, son of Filou
Kennel : von Kirschalde : House of Bonita Daughter of Filou
Kennel : Vegas du Mont Kaïlasa : Site of our friend Micheline Dewitt, mother of Vegas
• Xscooby's Castle



Kennel : LeoMaa'Est : Site of Lily’s sister : Kalu



Kennel : Salve Leon : Our friend Daniella and her beautiful Leos.
Kennel : Alex B. Bora z Miloticek : The son of Joseph. Father of Alex, future father of the next litter.
MSKCHPL : Private Club and our friend Daniella chose to put our gorgeous George on her Home page, which makes us very proud. Also lots of information on Leos from checkoslovakia.


Kennel : Ann's Lions
• Site of Anne and Mike Groom
Kennel : Kinglord's
Kennel : Pinbiitan
• House of Keiser, father of Charlotte
Kennel : Ramavan's
• House of Birke, mother of Lily
• Leonberger Club Finland


Kennel : Guldfaxe
Kennel : Kausholm
Kennel : Star of Regulus : Our friend Christina ad her beautiful Leos.
Kennel : Véjuh : In memory of the passing of Karl Richard and Brigitte. Friends we will miss.



Kennel : du Rêve Roux Site with beautiful Leos from France
Kennel : le Domaine des Sept Écluses : Our friend Carole with her beautiful Leos. Congratulations Sir Quimn !
• Kennel : le Mont de Gaïa
Kennel : du Lutin des Marais : A good friend
Kennel : Le Pli du Soleil : With Bernadette, plenty of interesting information on Leos.
• Kennel : La Planéte Léonberg : Our friend Nathalie with three of her pretty Leos.
• Kennel : Manoir de Löwenberg : House of Raoul, father of Monty
Kennel clos des gres


• Kennel : Stormchaser Leonbergers : Outstanding Leos with my favourite Stormchaser’s Zhivago
Kennel : Arcanine Leonbergers

Germany : A great friend with a of information on the leo.
• Kennel : Löwe von Walhall : Régina and her beautiful Leos
Kennel : of Lion Dream : Very nice site on Leos
• Chenil : vom Deisterblick
Kennel : vom Dreiburgenland
Kennel : von Equitania
Kennel : vom Loewengarten
• Kennel : vom Löwengehege : Friends met in Cluny
• Kennel : vom Reinkenhof : Kennel of George
Chenil : vom Welland : Our friend Sabine. House of the greatest champions in Germany.
• Kennel : von der Landwehr : Kennel of Eclair,from our famous litter. He is the father of Dakin, a female living with friends.
• Barney von der Johann-Adams-Mühle : One of the dogs I admire the most He gave us multiple champions in his lineage.
In der Höhle des Löwen : A very funny and original site.
Kennel : von der Saarschleife : Stormy(Aphrodite) and Apollo kennel



Leonberger Club of America
Mountain Lake Leonberg : Baby of Delac.
Leos by the Sea


Formation Jacynthe Bouchard : A friend whose great book on dog behaviour is a must to read. Visit her very nice site.
L'expérience du chien de traîneau : Alaskan Husky Adventure
• Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Vêtement pour chien (Dogs Apparel)
• Old Corleone web site
Pet Insurance from Buddies
Passionnément chien
Attention au chien! : offrez un blog à votre chien !


Leonberger Database
International Leonberger Database


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