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We would like to say a big Thank you to Our friends Valerie et Delphine for the great team work and for bringing up these beautiful puppies to life and to us for the futures of Leos in Canada. With amazing parents and ancestor we have admirer for long. We have wonderful hope for these young boys to grow to be wonderful Majestic Lions.
Great day for Corleone and their families : ) congradulation
Corleone is proud to indorduce 2 news upcoming champions !

New wedding

For puppy inquiry please

Corleone had fun again : ) Thank you Denis et Sylvain et megan for a great successful weekend !
Nando becomes American Champion

After a terible accident 2 angel came into my and Nando Life. Many Great Thank you to Peter and Cathy Schinder.
Congratulation Nando is Now American and CanadianCchampion !!!! now #2 Leonberger in the USA to have 2 championship titles!!!!!

Leo is the First Leonberger in Canada to receive both titles of Canadian Champion and American Champion !!!! Congradulation Nathalie Mayer Member of the Leogang Kennel In Germany !!! We are Very ~ proud of our boy Don corleone !!


Corleone Hidden Angenda!! does it again! Congratulation Nancy Harry and the beautiful Huck BEST OF BREED USA!!!!!


Champion Canadian Ann'Lions Country Flower

Many thanks to Denis Gros Louis who handled our beautiful Lily Rose to her
Great Canadian Championship!!!!
Thank’you Catrin with Father Crazy In Bear and Petra G Father Shiku
Ann and Mike Groom who produced this beautiful girl with the lovely Fialka and the
Kennel Bora Miloticek.
We are VERY VERY proud. Thank’you



Shina and Leo are proud to annonce the birth of the 10 beautiful puppies.

All puppies are sold, if you are interested in a puppy from our kennel
come and visit our Future Litters




Lauphing together is Happiness

All puppies are going to there new family soon !!

19 new member of the Corlene Family Congradulation

For pictures please join us on Facebook

Congratulations Sylvain et MIA... What a team !!!

New member of the family

Many many , many thanks to Ingela and Lasse for this beautiful girl that we are so happy to love in our home. For many years we have admire all the Leos form this home and kennel and the beautiful Kaiser, Heatia and there dauther Karma. We hope that our little honey Bee will follow her beautiful parents and ancestors Proud.

Many thanks also to Mark Bishop and his loving family to share this wonderful dream with us !




Thanks to Denie and Sylvain !!! Congradulation !!!!!





Shasta by Corleone Huzard V. Huxley
congradulation Jean for Shasta beautiful boy at 7.5 months!!!!!
Torque by Corleone Huzard V. Huxley
congradulation Jean for Torque at only 7.5 months!!!!!



Please visit the future litter page for more information

Corleone Fay Killy and Don Corleone Member of the Leo Gang



Burton make Champion in the USA congradulation to Pamela and Burton


WE HAVE PUPPIES COMMING Huxley and Emma (she is confirm pregnant) at our Friend John and Elisabeth
for information about reservations please contact us

Corleone is proud to announce two new memebers of our family
• Member of the Leogang Easy To Have (Mia) From Germany
• Ann'Lions Country Flower (LILYROSE) from Finland
Specially thanks to Ann, Mike and Nathalie for these 2 beautiful girls that we love so much in our home

Ann'Lions Country Flower (Lily Rose)

Easy 2 Have (Mia)

Congratulations two New Champions in the Corleone Home!!!

Corleone Huzard V. Huxley's brother Juck living in the USA (WV Group 3). Congratulations Harry and Nancy !!!!
Corleone Wins big in Ottawa. Congratulations everyone!
Stormy best femele in breed and BOB best of breed
Nando Best Male in Breed and BOB best of breed
Don Leo best of Breed puppy (7 month)
Don Leo best puppy 6 months

We are proud to present you Corleone French Kiss. Congradulations Mike and Jenifer for best puppy femele in breed

6 months

27 October 2010
Success In Belleville


Stormy 14 month best female and best of breed (BOB)

Nando Best male 13 month

Corleone Song of Katmendo (Harvey) 6 months old. Congradulation Liz and George !!!


Placed 3rd on a photo contest in Russia: please click for more information

Corleone Leonberg sends a BIG thank you to Olga and Vladimir from Russia and to all the beautiful Leonbergers from all around the world !

Corleone and friends having fun at the Terrebone-Quebec Dog Show. Congratulations Burton (BOB)

7 August 2010
Weeding with Honey and Cezanne
Weeding plans for Honey and Cezanne .

Trip to Germany 2010
Our love for dogs brought us back to our favourite country. Many thanks go to Nathalie and her wonderful family for the warm welcome we received. Another dream came true, and we can now introduce you to DON CORLEONE MEMBER OF THE LEOGANG. We also really appreciated our nice visit with Rahel Schale of the Lowengarten kennel, home of many of our favourite Leonbergers, mostly Zodiak the majestic father of our new baby.

Thanks to Marion of the Nonnenwald kennel, for our great visit with Nando, the father of our Nando Jr, allowing us to have met the three generations of our beautiful boy with her gorgeous Leonbergers. We came back filled with happiness and the memories will be forever engraved in our hearts of this beautiful journey and wonderful new friendships.

22 June 2010
Don Corleone Member of the leo gang
We are proud to present you our new member of the family.. many thanks to Nathalie and family for this wonderful boy.

29 May 2010
Happy Birthday litter H-- 1 year old already!!!
Happy birthday for the litter H --1 year old already !!!!!

27 May 2010
Puppies are now 7 weeks . Soon they will leave for their new home.
We are happy to soon welcome 7 new families to Corleone.. Come visit our  photo gallery to see the new pictures of the puppies .

8 May 2010
A nice day at Corleone
Here is the family : )

8 April 2010
Puppies are here !
Corleone is proud to annonce the litter K. This morning 7 beautiful puppies were born .. the mother Dakeine is doing very well and the father Voule all the way over in France is more than proud. Come visit our photo gallery for more on the litter and its' development.

Sorry,  but puppies are all reserved.

3 April 2010
Our new member to our family Dante Durango
Dante Durango arrived at 8 weeks from Italy.. We are so happy to welcome this beautiful boy in our home and in our heart.
Many thanks to Serena , Hein and of course Burc and Annabellanjie, the proud parents .

  8 March 2010
Puppies are coming
We are now happy to announce that Dakeine has shown positive results and we will be expecting puppies  in April.  How many is still unknown, but here is a picture of the ultrasound showing one beautiful big baby.

25 October 2009
Best puppies breed
Our beautiful Huck won the best puppies breed at the National Leonberg Club.

Congratulations Harry, Nancy and Corleone.

24 October 2009
Trip to Germany
Our most sincere appreciation to Otmar and Birgit  for the wonderful and memorable visit that will stay in my heart forever. Thanks also go to the beautiful Luna who gave us Apollo and Aphrodite who came back to Canada with us to the Corleone family. 

And the biggest thanks go to Mr. James Dipietro who made this dream come true.
Here a couple of pictures | Leonberger-von-der-saarschleife

23 October 2009
New litter
We are proud to announce that our beautiful girl, Dakeine is expecting. We were able to see several puppies from the ultrasound. The birth date is expected to be April 7.
Puppies are coming !
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